Manufacturers and Expoters of Gun Metal Bushes,
PH. Bronze Bushes and other parts.

Bushes Description :
Jay Bushes for automobiles, Tractors, Oil Engines and Pharmaceutical machinery, Pneumatics products, Industrial supplies etc.

Jay bushes are manufacturered from all types of non-ferrous raw materials as per O.E. specification.(i.e. SAE-62, SAE-63, SAE-64, PB-1, PB-2, AB1, AB2 etc.)

Aluminium :
LM4, LM6 and other LM series, Gravity die casting, pressure die casting also, we do the non ferrous metal casting, any type casting from 100 gm to 300 kg each

Components For :
Pharmaceutical Machinery: Manual capsule filling base, Tablet filling machinery components, Blister packaging machinery components, Bottle filling machine components, Automatic capsule & tablet filling  machinery components etc.

Truck : Cam, Shaft, Steering, Brake pedal, Fuel pump drive, Oil pump, con. rod, King pin, Thurst washer, Clutch pedal, Rocker arm.

Any types of press material parts, Ring, Washer, Bushes, Bi Metal bushes, Sintered bushes, DUO Bushes. and any type of forging ferrous and non ferrous metal bolt, Nut etc.

Bushes for Spider, Link steering, Main shaft, Centre arm, con.rod. Diesel engines, pumps and mono block pumps etc.

Heavy Earth Movers
Description :

We manufacture and supply all types of automotive parts made up of gun metal and PH bronze.